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Healing Toxic Relationships

Healing Dysfunctional & Toxic Relationships Course Overview This is a 4-hour interactive workshop taught by Nawar Sourij-an Integrative psychotherapist, relationship expert and trauma therapist. Throughout the lecture, a group of women ( the workshop participants ) have also shared their stories, vulnerabilities and experiences in regard to their relationships. Since participants will get the chance […]

Do I Need Therapy? (Recorded Workshop)

Do I Need Therapy? (Recorded Workshop)   Do I need therapy? A question that we may have asked ourselves many times before. This course is designed to help you finally determine whether you need therapy or not. It will also help you select the right therapist based on your unique needs. In this lecture, you […]

Power of Self-Worth in Relationships

Power of Self-worth in Relationships(Recorded Workshop) Our relationships can be the reason for our happiness and well-being or the cause of our suffering and misery. In order to have a long-lasting loving relationship,  one must have a strong,  healthy sense of “Self-worth”. In other words,  self-worth is an elixir of success in relationships which is why we believe […]

What are our classes about?

What are our classes about?

Our “Online classes” are intended to help you increase your emotional intelligence and to enable living more fulfilled lives. In a way, our classes can help you learn some fundamental concepts that we should have probably been taught at school, but we weren’t.  Concepts such as ;  increasing our sense of self-worth, the basic concepts in […]