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It has been observed and proven that employees who receive mental health support and impactful corporate wellness programs from their workplace have substantially higher productivity levels, reduced absenteesim, increased engagement and even better overall physical health.

Ensuring that employees have access to mental health resources, and employee wellness programs, reduces health costs and medical leaves for organizations. In addition, having access to the right mental health professionals creates a highly productive and a positive environment at the work place.

In addition to our awesome team, we also have access to a global network of thought leaders, innovators and creative individuals who collaborate with us on different projects.

what bright shift can offer

Specialized Workshops Designed For Your Company’s Specific Needs

We talk to your HR, management or the people in charge of analyzing the needs of your employees. Based on this analysis, we design unique and effective workshops for your team .

Our workshops have a long-term impact on the well-being, productivity and mental health of your staff.

Our team has the expertise in a variety of fields such as  psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience and wellness. Therefore, we are equipped with the most advanced and up- to-date tools to develop the most impactful workshops based on your needs.

Online Individual Therapy For Your Employees

This is a service that can be offered to those employees who are struggling with mental and emotional health. Our team of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists are all highly professional and have been trained/ educated in the UK, France and the United States.

Feel free to contact us and receive the right support for your team members.

Mindfulness & Meditation For The Workplace

Employees often complain about stress at work. Stress is such a preventive factor when it comes to productivity. Our brain functions the best when we are at peace. Encourage and educate your team members to learn scientific and effective methods to  reduce stress and increase productivity and happiness both at work and at home.

Psychology of Leadership

We believe successful leaders are not born, but they are trained. Our professional psychologists and psychotherapists can train you individually ( based upon your request) or your team to acquire the skills and knowledge that all successful leaders must possess.

Emotionally intelligent leaders can transform your corporation. And we can help you achieve that.