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What are our classes about?

What are our classes about?

Our “Online classes” are intended to help you increase your emotional intelligence and to enable living more fulfilled lives. In a way, our classes can help you learn some fundamental concepts that we should have probably been taught at school, but we weren’t. 

Concepts such as ;  increasing our sense of self-worth, the basic concepts in psychology that every parent should know, how to choose the right partner, or how to use meditation to make our lives better.

The  education system around the world focuses more on intelligence quotient ( IQ) and academic achievement rather than emotional intelligence (EQ) which is made up of four components: self- awareness, social awareness, self- management and relationship management.

 As a result of this noticeable gap in the education systems worldwide, most of us are often left with minimal knowledge on some of life’s primary issues.

Since we are human beings and not machines, we believe having a proper emotional intelligence training is just as important as having a proper academic training and at times perhaps it is even more important. 

It is quite likely that by taking our classes, not only will you notice a considerable improvement in your life at a personal level,  but perhaps you will also notice improvements in your relationships with others.

Our experts will share skills, wisdom and techniques through which life will become better and sweeter.

In our approach to healing, therapy, and education, we are very eclectic and open-minded. Our classes tend to break the line between psychology and wellness and at times they become one. We tend to enhance the emotional intelligence of our attendees with different tools and healing modalities. 

We like to look at emotional and mental health from a new, fresh angle. From an angle that offers you a safe space to flourish, grow, and reach your full potential in life.

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