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On this episode Leila talks to Mahita El Bacha Urieta a therapist and a coach about “Psychosynthesis”. Psychosynthesis is known as psychology of hope and a psychology with a soul. Psychosynthesis is a unique and progressive approach to psychology. And is perhaps one of the deepest and most resourceful approaches in psychology. 

In psychosynthesis individuals with psychological challenges are not viewed as flawed or broken and are not referred to as “patients” but are rather considered as individuals who are filled with infinite potentials and opportunities for transformation.

About the Guest:

Mahita El Bacha Urieta is a licensed therapist and a coach, a registered member of the British Association for Counsellers and Psychotherapists. Mahita’s approach is based on psychosynthesis psychology which includes elements from Psychodynamics, CBT, Somatic experiencing, and mindfulness among many others. Mahita has a wide and extensive range of expertise and works with individuals with a variety of challenges. Having lived in many different countries around the world she is also familiar with and accustomed to various cultures and traditions, and speaks several languages including English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Mahita offers psychotherapeutic counselling as well as life coaching sessions.