This is an episode that encourages us to look further beyond physicality and matter. And explore the different ways that this universe is trying to not just communicate but guide us.

We have all experienced some form of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences. What do they mean? and what is their significance in our lives? 

About the Guest:

Dr. Cynthia Cavalli was an aerospace engineer for over 25 years.

Interestingly she comes from a solid background in science and she somehow ended up discovering a path which science has not been able to fully explain yet. 

Deeply passionate about inner development, Dr. Cynthia has developed a unique approach which integrates Jungian psychology, complexity science, shamanism, and mythology. 

Dr. Cynthia Cavalli is a dream and synchronicity coach and transformation consultant based in California.

She has published papers and book chapters on organizational and personal transformation and has conducted workshops and presentations at conferences internationally.

 She also participates as a board member for several non-profit agencies serving underrepresented communities.