Trauma is an inseparable part of the human experience, there is no way to avoid it, what matters the most is how we approach trauma.

On this episode, we looked at the different ways that trauma can show up in our relationships, and how our childhood home environment plays a critical role in different aspects of our relationships; from selecting certain partners, to our friendships and our relationships at work.

We have also discussed vulnerability and trauma, different potential ways to treat trauma as well as the factors that create resilience in us in challenging times.

A truly thought-provoking episode that invites you to view your relationships in a different light.

About the Guest:

Nawar Sourij is an integrative psychotherapist with an extensive background in psychotherapy, Trauma therapy, neuroscience, NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. 

The combination of her deep knowledge in psychotherapy and neuroscience in addition to many years of experience in the field has enabled her to become an outstanding psychotherapist, relationship expert, trauma therapist and speaker. 

 She is familiar and has worked with a diverse group of people from all nationalities and backgrounds.

In her approach she is open-minded, scientific, and compassionate. She is a licensed member of the “UK council of psychotherapy” (UKCP).